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Michael Stewart

Real Estate Experience

Following his passion for real estate, Mike was licensed in 2014 and brings with him not only a lifetime of local area knowledge, but also years of small business experience as well as personal real estate investment know-how.

Past Life

Mike owned and operated a hugely popular restaurant right here on Main Street in Wakefield for ten years. This experience brought a wealth of knowledge about business and customer service, and introduced Mike to so many great people—he is excited to take everything he has learned and allow it to inform his work with his clients in real estate.

The Good Stuff

A lifelong resident of South Kingstown, Mike lives in Wakefield with his wife and two children. He spends as much of his time on the water as he can, fishing and surfing.


For you, what’s the most enjoyable part of working in real estate?

Definitely working with customers to make them feel comfortable and confident in their real estate decisions, whether that be buying or selling. I really enjoy being able to help people make smart choices and good investments.

Favorite spot in South County?

It doesn’t get any better than September on Block Island.

You’re going to be dropped off on a deserted island tomorrow. Name the three things, which you’ll pick up at Benny’s, to take with you.

I’d go with the 3 candy bars for $1. A beach chair, obviously. Aaaand…a bucket.

Are you more of a hunter or a gatherer? Why?

I’m a gatherer. I collect things. Not like stamps, but useful things. Like shovels. I may have seven shovels—you just can’t throw a shovel away. I hate to waste anything—and you never know when you’re going to need things—I like to be prepared.

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